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soft sole sizing guide - SIZING

To size Bobux, stand your child on a piece of paper, mark the back of their heel and tip of their longest toe with a pencil. Next, measure the distance between the two marks with a ruler, using the "Length of Shoe" below, choose the size that is approx. 1/2 inch larger than the distance you measured.

For example if your child's foot measures 4 1/2 inches then choose size Medium, if it measures less than half way in between a size, do not skip a size. For example, if your child's foot measures between 4 3/8 inches and 4 5/8 inches, choose size "M". Do not skip to size "L".

Bobux Size Length of Shoe Approx. Age Shoe Size
XSmall 4 1/8 inches 0-3 mo.  
Small 4 3/8 Inches 3-9 mo.  
Medium 4 7/8 Inches 9-15 mo.  
Large 5 3/8 Inches 15-21 mo.  
Xlarge 5 7/8 Inches 21-27 mo.  
2X 6 3/8 Inches 2-3 yrs 8
3X 6 7/8 Inches 3-4 yrs 9.5
4X 7 3/8 Inches 4-5 yrs 11
5X 7 7/8 Inches 5-6 yrs 12.5

Note: Size XSmall is only available in a few styles see Newborn Sizes page. Sizes 2X - 4X are only available in a limited number of styles...check "Toddler Sizes" under the "Bobux Original" on the left side of the website.

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