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Here are some comments from a few of our USA customers!

"I love the Bobux soft sole shoes!! my twin daughters are 3 and they have been wearing the soft sole shoes as slippers in the winter for the last two years, and will continue to wear them until their feet are too big! I always had trouble finding slippers because a lot of them out there are just too warm - they are fleece lined and make my daughters feet sweat, or they don't stay on....and other soft sole shoes pinch too much at the ankle, the Bobux shoes are so soft, they don't pinch, they keep my daughters' feet warm, they stay on, they are not too hot, they are super cute and my daughters do not slide on the hard wood floor when wearing them... I love theses!!!"
— N. Daniel

"Bobux shoes are the BEST! My son has worn them since he started crawling around 6 months. They are well-made, adorable and stay on your child's feet. I have tried other brands along the way and no other soft-soled shoe fits him as comfortably as Bobux. My son's feet are wide at the toe area, which 99% of babies are. Bobux soft-soled leather shoes are made to fit the shape of baby's / toddler's feet. My son also loves to look at the various designs as the design is facing toward's him.

Our son is now 10 months old and took his first step last Friday! He started wearing the I-walk Junior about a month ago. These are so comfortable and provide great support for when your baby starts to pull himself up and try to walk. There is no other shoe out there that comes close to the quality, comfort, and style of Bobux."

Thank you!
— S.C., Bridgewater, MA

"Bobux Are the best shoes ever! They stay on, they are soft and comfortable, and they are so cute. We always get comments, and I am always quick to recommend the brand. When my daughter was a baby, they were the only booties that stayed on. And now that she just turned 1, they offer soft and supple foot protection so that she can learn to walk properly. I only wish I had known about them three years ago when my son was little! Thanks for making such a wonderful product, and for being available online."
— K.S., Manhattan Beach, California

"These Shoes are awesome! My son is almost one and he wears his Bobux shoes every day. They never fall off and he can crawl and stand very comfortably in them. Baby shoes just seem so bulky for his little feet and get in the way when he is playing and crawling. He is about to start walking and I know his Bobux shoes will be the best thing for him. I tell everyone about how great these shoes are! Thanks!"
— S Van Winkle

"I love your product! My daughter is 8 months old and hasn't worn shoes until recently. Every shoe that we would try to put on her foot would not go on or would not stay on. Since I discovered Bobux shoes she now has shoes on her feet when we go out. The best part is that they look so cute!"
— F.P., Arkansas

"Add us to your list of enthusiastic fans. My son has been wearing nothing but Bobux for the past 7 months (since he was 5 months old). We love them because they are easy to put on the squirmy little boy, yet he can not take them off. His daycare teachers said they wish all the kids wore them, because they stay on so well. And they're so cute!"
— J.G., Rochester, NY

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"They're easy to put on, and my daughter loves wearing them. People often stop and ask where they can get them, because they are so cute! They're the only shoes my daughter will wear."
— P.P., Dewitt, IA

"I've never found any other shoes better than these! They are fabulous!"
— D.J., Manteo, IL

"I think your product is great! Your shoes fit beautifully and they really stay on! I just talked to my pediatrician at her 1 year checkup, & my doctor loves them. My pediatrician says to keep them on her as much and as long as possible."
— S.M., Florida

"I cannot say enough about your shoes!!! My daughter was forever kicking off her socks and shoes and getting cold feet. Your shoes were the solution. Not only do they stay on but they are the cutest shoes ever. With twins I often get stopped by admirers and all comment on their shoes. I too requested additional catalogs to pass the good word along. Thanks Bobux."
— W, Safe, SC

"We have been wearing our Bobux shoes for about one month and LOVE them! Just wanted to say thank you. We took C. for his first pair of shoes to the typical (shoe) store. He cried when he had to wear them and untied them all the time. Just socks? He takes them off! He must love the way Bobux shoes feel on his feet because he wears them all day and never takes them off! Happy to have found you! Thanks for the excellent service."
— K.P., Hollywood, FL

"I have them for my daughter - they are great. They don't get in her way when she crawls, they don't fall off, she pulls at them, and most of all she doesn't slip when she is trying to stand up!! Everyone asks me where I got them - best thing around!!!!"
— J.S., Baltimore, MD

"These are the absolute best shoes! Everyone asks me where I got them"
— S.C., Woodstock, GA

"I just love your Shoes!!! I would like to have your catalog sent to me ... as soon as possible so I can show my friends and post it in my church. I really love these shoes of yours!"
— L.M., Bridgeport, CT

"We just received our Bobux shoes and I love them. My son has actually kept them on without screaming. Thank You."
— K.H., Killeen, TX

"I just wanted to drop a note to tell you all what a wonderful product you all make. I bought two pairs of shoes for my daughter and she doesn't pull at them like she does other shoes, she can walk in them just as well as she can barefoot, you can just tell by watching her with them on how comfortable they are on her. Thanks so much!"
— Sara, Pocatella, ID

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