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Traveling in Moccasins

Traveling in Moccasins Welcome to Bobux’s American blog. We are thrilled you have found us and want to share in our journey. Bobux is not just a brand, but a lifestyle choice you make for your child. Traveling in Moccasins will help you understand more about our company and let you interact and personalize the product for your needs.

Bobux makes over one thousand combinations of sizes, colors and styles. The line of shoes will take children from pre-walkers through age six (size 12). Different labels include #iwalkblaze, #playiwalk, #playstepup, #stepup, #stepupstreet, #stepupclassic, #iwalk, #iwalkstreet, #iwalkclassic, #xplorer, #softsole

The namesake of this blog is for the most adorable pair of Bobux brown moccasins that landed on my desk one afternoon. They were so darling; I couldn’t even take them off my desk to see if they fit my newest addition, 5-month old Adlai. Now that my caboose (baby after nearly five year hiatus) arrived—material, composition, company responsibility, health, safety, comfort, fashion were all factors I now considered.

My mother always told me that the one accessory to splurge on for children was a good pair of shoes. “Hank walks in his shoes everyday, they mold to his feet, they need to be made of good material and child resistant,” I can still hear her saying.

I believe she spent $55 on my son’s first pair of shoes, a basic brown leather sandal in 2010. That set in motion a loyalty to good shoes that has never faltered. My mother-in-law lost above-mentioned sandal, and was forced to pay $55 for the replacement; that is how much we value good shoes.

Fast forward nearly a decade and here I am about to outfit my newest baby with his first shoes. I know they need to be well-fit, ready to go on adventures, comfortable, flexible and reflective of who he is, and who he might become. Because, who are any of us without a good shoe? Outfitting a foot to tackle whatever the day has in store turns the world into his oyster.

Luckily, I don’t have to spend $55 on that elusive pair or brown sandals. I have discovered Bobux. There are hundreds of shoes $50 and under that include free shipping. Winter, spring, summer or fall, yes, all you need to do is call, or log on, there’s a shoe for your kiddo.

Happy travels. We can’t wait to get to know you through our social media channels and get to see all of your little ones toddling, walking and running through all of life’s adventures.

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